Expertise, know-how and quality across all stages of development and production.

Technical advice

Spring design

Additional services

Our experienced technicians and engineers will assist you in selecting and calculating the springs that fit your requirements best. The service includes among others:

-Advice on spring steel
-Determination of the load diagram
-Advice on surface treatment

We design your springs considering:

-Type of stress (static or dynamic)
-Working temperature
-Tensile strength

– Изготвяне на чертежи
– Предоставяне на проби
– Изграждане на прототипи
– Производство на малки и големи серии
– Бърза доставка
– Консигнационен запас

New design

Our investment in new technologies is not limited with the machines.We commit ourselves to improve our productivity by using the latest software and produce your parts just as you set them on a drawing, sketch or sample.

Мeasuring devices

Our team of specialists has all the necessary equipment to test all the characteristics and properties of the springs.