Steel strip products

Spring Factory Co. owns seven heavy-duty stamping and bending machines Bihler in combination with a slitting line, two lines for isothermal quenching in protective atmosphere Degussa and Safed, two phosphating lines and one line for varnish coating.

We have also eccentric and hydraulic presses in the range of 3-100 t with possibility of subsequent machining.
We produce a large variety of parts from steel strips with thickness 0.2-2.00 mm and width up to 130 mm.

For complicated parts the minimal order quantity is 100 000 pcs.

Parts and accessories for the military industryParts

(Authorized Access)

Spring Factory Co. produces caliber grains from 7.62 x 54 mm to 30 x 165 mm for Russian weapons systems.

We produce bullets for light weapons for Russian and Nato systems